Taking Flight

Clearing parts of a small Douglas fir plantation parcel was necessary for the overall health and well-being of the forest. Habitat restoration can take many forms. Shown here, professional foresters first top a tree, then trim some remaining branches leaving them long — rather than cutting them off altogether — giving birds a sturdy place to keep watch for prey.

Types of birds you might encounter at Yakona Nature Preserve and around the Yaquina Bay area include many types of waterfowl, shore birds and song birds. Bring your binoculars for a chance to see Killdeers, Semipalmated Plovers and Spotted Sandpipers on the beach. Look for American Widgeons, Buffleheads and Scaup floating among the reeds. Listen for Swainson’s Thrush, Common Yellowthroats and Black-Headed Grosbeak along the forest trails. Watch for eagles, osprey and other birds of prey. And find migratory shorebirds, including Whimbrel, Marbled Godwit, Least and Western Sandpipers, Dunlin, and Short-Billed Dowitcher in the mudflats.